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Auto Bays: Open 24 Hours
The 4 auto bays are hardly your typical car wash. These bays are designed to wash your car, pick-up, or SUV as efficiently and expertly as possible.

Our equipment washes your vehicle from 3 sides simultaneously with an undercarriage option for the fourth side. We use only hot water with chemicals designed for the best wash possible. As any Alaskan knows, washing is only half the battle to a clean car, drying is critical. Our drying system utilizes twice the horsepower as the typical car wash. Additionally, our “elephant ear” system has a special side wind sheering system to make your car as dry as possible before re-entering the elements.

One trip to the Monster Wash and you will see that we provide the best touch less wash available.



Monster Wash Car Wash

Monster Wash - The Best Touchless Wash!

Monster Wash Car Wash



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